On-Demand Apps – Changing Our World

On-Demand Apps – Changing Our World

Jeevanjot Kaur
November 30, 2020

Consider the scenario: You are watching a cricket match between India and Pakistan. India needs 100 runs to win in 40 balls. You are glued to your television. You don’t want to miss anything. It’s dinner time; you are in no mood to cook dinner. So, what’s the left-out option? Think!!

Without waiting anymore, what if I tell you that you can order any food of your choice with the help of an food ordering app, and it will be delivered to your doorsteps?

Incredible, isn’t it?

On-demand apps are a great way to get what you want to be delivered instantly to your home. On-demand app services are turning out to be the most preferred go-to solutions for taxi booking, food ordering, car washing, salon services, fitness instructor, electrician services, plumber services, etc. These mobile apps hold our pockets and cater to our needs.

Such a new range of on demand app based services provides convenience and makes the lives of people easier. With just a few taps on the mobile phone, users are able to get the services they wish.

There are many companies that come under this list; they offer various services. These companies are redefining the growth at a good accelerating rate.

New-age technology is responsible for on-demand business services. The creative manifestation of technological innovation with respect to consumer behavior helps in the revolution of on-demand apps.

While you are reading this article, people across the globe are using on-demand apps and reaping their advantages. However, the main question is when these services can be better used outside the technocratic fraternity and be helpful to people other than the urban masses.

Let’s see what factors are responsible for the growth of on-demand services

The report provided below provides insights into the fastest-growing online market – China.

A large number of the Chinese population prefer online shopping as people get a variety of options to choose from, easy price comparison, speedy delivery, etc. As per the respondents, 34% have bought packaged food online. Shanghai has the highest number of people who have bought packaged food; it accounts for 66%. For people who buy packaged food only, their frequency of shopping is 1.52 times a month, and 10% of respondents said they usually buy packaged food online as many as 2-3 times a month. People who haven’t tried online food ordering apps said the primary reason is the availability of food shops near them.

56% of the respondents said they liked buying from online food apps like Zomato and Swiggy because of the convenience, while 51% of respondents said they prefer online food delivery apps because of lower prices. 76% of the participants of the report in Chengdu reckon “prices are cheaper online.” Some of the respondents said they prefer buying online because they get a wide variety of products that they often don’t get in supermarkets. 42% of respondents said the primary reason they choose to shop online is that they get unique products online, while others said they get imported products online, which are hard to get in online shops. In the report, a whopping 79% of the respondents said they shopped online for snack food (excluding biscuits and cakes). On the other hand, in Shanghai, 91% of respondents resort to online shopping for snack food.

Not only in China but a report by 250 Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s pointed out that the major reason for the success of on demand apps is the “convenience of delivery.”

Many entrepreneurs have leveraged the Uber model to make their on demand delivery app development successful. In this process of creating exceptional on-demand delivery apps, there is a cut-throat competition with the variety of on-demand apps providing time-saving professional services right on your doorsteps Mobile application development has evolved, and with that, business operations have also evolved. There is an upsurge in fast-moving technology companies. Such mushrooming companies have given rise to a competitive market, and with that, we see a vast number of positive changes; and most importantly, sluggish industries have transformed themselves with technological innovation.

Take an example of the Taxi booking application, grocery apps, laundry apps, etc. These industries are apt examples of how on demand apps development companies redefine these industries with the help of mobile app developers. The main reason how these apps have become an integral part of our lives is that these apps of new technology add value to the existing infrastructure.

Verification of the service economy has made the lives of consumers easier. Without any doubt, on-demand service apps are one of the empowering steps of the 21st century. The “magic” that Uber created and our dependence on Zomato and TaskRabbit is just a kickoff. In a couple of years, we will get almost every service on on-demand apps with just a tap of a button.

Yes, and maybe, with the less intervention of humans? Isn’t it crazy? Such a future pro talk, ughh! Let us hold it here and know the benefits further.

The benefits of on demand delivery apps for consumers are fast delivery, ease of selecting the service provider, real-time tracking, convenience, cashless payment facility; customers receive push notifications of discounts, coupons, order placement, shipment information, tracking details, etc. These apps have reviews and rating systems, which makes it easier for customers to make the correct buying decisions. Customers are encouraged to share their opinions about the service, what they like the best, and which area they think needs improvement. Another critical feature of on-demand apps is a cancellation. The feature provides the liberty to customers to cancel an order whenever they want. If you order by mistake, or you don’t need the service anymore, or you find the same service at a lesser cost, you can tap on the cancel button and state your reason for doing so. With the activity log feature, customers can check out their past orders, which makes it easier to form purchase decisions.

It’s a perfect time for on demand delivery app providers and businesses to use this opportunity very well. Online delivery apps provide security and scalability for businesses. Through analytics, companies can get to know the preferences of customers. Also, the review and rating system provides instant feedback to businesses, and they can take quick actions to improve their service. These apps are a great way to reduce unnecessary operational costs of businesses and provide customers with exceptional services to make them loyal. These apps are great for even startups as they can turn their unique idea into reality.

Final Words

Smartphone users have increased, which is why custom app development companies are pacing. On demand delivery apps are changing our day-to-day lives. They provide convenience to customers and remarkable opportunities to businesses. In our busy lives, it is vital to find solutions that are quick and dependable. The way technology is advancing; in no time, we will see apps for almost everything. Taxi app development, online food ordering, online shopping apps, home services app have become an integral part of our lives. They make our lives easier without burning a hole in our pockets.

Jeevanjot Kaur

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