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On Demand Home Service Startup - Best Handyman Business App


When was the last time you needed a handyman for home services? Not too long ago, right? We need electricians, plumbers, and carpenters for small and big work at home. Finding them at the right time is not easy. We all lead very busy lives, and it’s not often that our schedule permits us to call a repairman to our homes on weekdays. The solution to this problem is the handyman services app. An app that allows us to find the right technician for our home and schedule the services! Sounds too good to be true, eh?

 A home repair app has become a necessity in today’s time. Everyone wants comfort and convenience, and on-demand apps provide users with that. A user doesn’t need to call every handyman to check the availability. Technology helps you find the right person for the job. And if you are an entrepreneur, it’s the best time to start a home services business.

 The on-demand home services app must have useful features that make the app even more attractive for users. Some of the features are listed below:

 The Admin App

 Dynamic Analytics

 The dynamic analytics feature is an integral feature, which provides the admin with real-time reports. In short, dynamic analytics provide a 360-degree business view. The admin can get a detailed report of the total number of bookings in a day, month, or year. How many are pending, and how many have been completed.

 Manage Vendors/Users/Staff

The admin can manage vendors, users, and staff. He can add or delete various users.

 Manage Push Notifications

Push notifications are a great way to remind customers to avail your services. The admin can manage push notifications.

 Help and Support

The help and support feature allows vendors and customers to get in touch with the admin in case they need any help.

 The Vendor App



The vendor app is where vendors showcase their services to users. Some of the features that the vendor app must include are:

 Accept/Reject Requests

The vendors can accept or reject requests of customers as per their schedule permits, which means the service providers are in control. It helps service providers to provide quality services on time. The feature is helpful in eradicating delays in the service. If the service provider is busy, he is provided with the provision to reject the job.

 Set Availability

Set availability feature saves time for the service providers and customers. The service provider can show on which dates he is available.

 Route Optimization

The route optimization feature helps the service provider to reach the destination on time. The service provider is provided with the shortest route to reach the destination.

 In-app Chats