Tech Talks With Shreyansh Shah

Tech Talks With Shreyansh Shah

Surmukh Singh
November 10, 2022
Tech Talks With Shreyansh Shah

Digital transformation is the need of the hour. Everyone knows about it, and the time has come- you imply the urgency of going digital within your organization. The future holds extraordinary possibilities only because of technology advancements.  

Software development companies worldwide are moving one step forward with every project or innovation they embark upon. One needs to know the in-depth and critical mechanism to understand the complexities of DevOps, web apps, mobile apps, and software development. With drilling the significance and core functioning, there can be concrete progress.   

In short, to be the best software development company, you need to beat the best and are expected to deliver excellent solutions.   

Nevertheless, developing futuristic technologies have never been so crucial as the world is witnessing in the present time. Crafting sustainable, reliable, and essential software solutions have reserved its position successfully.   

Considering the requirement of a new approach to software development services, we bring you a thought-provoking conversation with one of our software developers working towards great software discoveries and development.   

With an experience of more than five years, Shreyansh has taken on different crucial roles- from managing business growth to looking after company expansion. It would not be wrong to say that he has many talents.  

Throughout the interview, Shreyansh was calm and confident. He spoke about his role, what he has learned so far in his career journey, the features of good software, and much more. So, without any further ado, let’s begin! 

Surmukh: Can you describe your current job role for the readers? 

Shreyansh: I am a business development manager in a software development company, so I am handling all sorts of business growth & expansion in my current company. 

Surmukh: In your career journey, what was the most challenging situation you have come across so far? 

Shreyansh: When I started my career as a fresher, No one was there to guide me. So, I learned everything on my own. Also, to face rejection from the client on which we had given too much effort was a much-challenging situation. 

Surmukh: What are your views on business transformation? And what role software development plays in the entire scenario? 

Shreyansh: After specifically Covid-19, People are going for a digital presence, many businesses started online e-commerce stores, and they are getting good profits from that. After the pandemic, even businesses that are known for offline business also tried to work digitally. 

Surmukh: What, according to you, are the primary features of good Software? 

Shreyansh: I believe that Software should give solutions to customers’ problems. And using any software, customer’s work should be easier and more organized.  

Surmukh: What’s the biggest challenge in your role right now, and how are you tackling it? 

Shreyansh: Currently, the competition in IT Services is the biggest challenge. We don’t have any monopoly in this business. If we want to win this race, we need to work on the quality of the services we are giving. If we are not delivering services and then our competition will provide them. 

Surmukh: What are your views on Metaverse? 

Shreyansh: The Metaverse is considered the next evolution of the internet. It will take many forms, including gaming, online communities, and business meetings where people collaborate via a digital facsimile or avatar of themselves. 

Surmukh: What motivates you to succeed in life? 

Shreyansh: I read a lot and listen to successful entrepreneurs’ life stories, which motivates me. 

Surmukh: If anyone wants to connect with you, how can they? 

Shreyansh: On 

We hope that this interaction helped you gain an improved knowledge of software development, metaverse, and IT services (and other technologies).   

If you have any questions related to any trending topic, from DevOps, IoT, or metaverse, to web app development, you can ask us. We’ll be glad to guide you. Feel free to get in touch with our team at

Surmukh Singh

Surmukh Singh manages business development in mobile and web app for Cerebrum Infotech. He also has a knack for challenging product development and his interest in the world of IT makes him the perfect candidate to discuss the latest in the tech world.

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