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Things to Keep in Mind While Building a Grocery App


These days people prefer to cook their own food instead of going out to restaurants. In this pandemic, people are afraid to go out. With the imposed lockdown, people have learned various cuisines, and they have realized how therapeutic cooking can be.

For grocery shopping (be it going to a shop or online), we all make a grocery list. People who love comfort order their groceries via the app. In this pandemic, online grocery shopping is relevant as people avoid going out because of fear of getting coronavirus.

App for Grocery Shopping

Grocery delivery services are always in demand. With the advancements in technology, we see there is a change in grocery delivery services; now, you can order your groceries via an app. Grocery e-commerce mobile app is a great way to build your customer base. When you provide something different from others, you get more customers. In this digitally-driven world, grocery mobile apps can help you stand out from your competitors. It is a great way for the local grocery store owners to scale their business and generate more opportunities to scale business.

Must-have Features in a Grocery Shopping App

The grocery shopping app should provide a smooth experience to users. It is great to shop through an app because customers don’t have to wait in a queue. There are a few important features that a grocery shopping app should have:

Rich UI/UX

The app should be visually appealing; it should let users sign up or log in without any problem.

Product Classification

In order to provide users with a great and smooth experience, a feature-rich app is a prerequisite. Classify products so that users can find them without any hassle. Also, it makes finding products quicker.

Quick Shopping List

Sometimes customers want to save the items for future use; in that case, a quick list is a great option.


Search is an important feature in any app. The search option lets users find what they are looking for in the app. The grocery app should provide different kinds of filters to refine the search further. By providing these filters, users easily find the desired product.


GPS-enabled real-time tracking feature allows users to know where their order is and how much time it will take to reach them.

Repeat Order

Repeat order feature allows customers to repeat the past order. It saves time; it’s a great way to make the ordering process easier for regular customers.

Barcode scanners

It is also an important feature that must be present in your grocery app. The feature allows users to get product information in the shortest time. Here, users can be provided additional information such as nutritional value, dietary recommendations, etc.

Discount Coupons

Every customer loves discount coupons. Grocery Delivery Apps Development must provide discount coupons to build a client base. Discount coupons give the impression to customers that they are saving on their purchase; they return to the app, again and again, that helps them save money.

Delivery Scheduler

The delivery scheduler allows customers to choose a delivery time as per their convenience. During the checkout process, customers can select the date and time of delivery. It ensures that the delivery boy comes to the house when it is the right time for the customer to deliver groceries to their homes.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are a great way to provide updates to customers about their orders. Customers get real-time updates with the help of push notifications. Apart from that, through push notifications, customers get to know about discounts and sales instantly. It is a wonderful way to keep users up to date about your business.

Recommended Products

Many top e-commerce sites provide a “recommended products” feature. This feature lets users see products that are similar to what they have previously searched for. With this feature, you can engage users on your site for a more extended time. Also, you can introduce your users to similar products of different brands that they have never tried before.


Images decide whether or not your users will buy the product. Provide an authentic shopping experience to customers with good quality 3D images of real products. When there are good quality images, users feel as if they are actually viewing the product in real.

Shopping Cart

The products added by customers. The shopping cart should have options for the quantity of the product, the product link, price of the item, option to delete the product, or save for later purchase.

Monthly Shopping List Reminders

Monthly shopping list reminders are a great way to remind customers who have ordered before from you that it’s time to order again.

Checkout Process

The checkout process guides customers step-by-step till the final payment and confirmation of the order. In the checkout process, before making the payment, users get an option to cancel the order if they don’t want to order any more. Users are also required to fill in their address details in this step.

Payment Options

Users should be provided secure multiple payment options. It should include a debit card, credit card, mobile wallet, cash on delivery, etc. Users can choose the option they like as per their convenience.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Customers’ reviews and feedback act as a guide for other customers. Also, when customers provide their feedback about the app, it helps you to improve. Customer feedback should be taken seriously to ensure more and more customers find your app satisfactory. You can add a review box after every successful order to ask customers about their experience and how you can make the app better. 


You can include a membership feature in your grocery app, in which users pay to become members, and they get benefits such as free delivery, coupons, and offers only for members. With membership, users get a good bargain, and the membership fee is profitable for the business.

Loyalty Programs

Loyal customers should be valued. To show your appreciation towards loyal customers, introduce loyalty programs, in which users get some discount for being loyal.

Hire A Good Grocery Delivery App Development Company

It is important to hire a good grocery delivery app development company for your app. Hire a company that has experience in building similar products. An experienced company that has expert developers can turn your dreams into reality. A good company will know how to make the app with useful features and user-friendly design. A good app plays a crucial role in attracting and retaining customers. In addition to that, ensure the grocery app development company has excellent after-sales support; if you wish to add new features to your app, they can be incorporated into it from time-to-time.

Final Words

On-demand app development is beneficial for both service providers and customers. Grocery app development is on the rise because customers love solutions that make their life easy. In order to make your grocery app stand out, don’t overload it with unnecessary features. Provide users what they are looking for; make sure your app makes customers’ grocery shopping experience convenient. Users prefer a fast app that is easy to use. Hire professionals to build the app of your dreams.

Jeevanjot Kaur

Jeevanjot loves to write about new technology and presents a different view on various topics. She helps clients build a clear marketing message to create sales consistently.

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