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Top 4 Food ordering apps with stay safe initiative


On-demand delivery apps are a hot favorite of people these days. They provide a convenient way to order food online that gets delivered to customers’ doorsteps. Now in the COVID-19 situation, it has become necessary to follow safety guidelines. Below we are providing the top 4 food ordering apps with stay safe initiative:


Instacart is a grocery and food ordering app. It allows customers to order products and fresh produce from neighborhood stores at their doorsteps. You have to add items to your cart. There are groceries, liquor, produce, household items from over 20,000 retailers in North America to 5,500 cities in Canada and the U.S.

Stay safe initiatives

Instacart ensures there is no unnecessary contact; that’s why they have introduced a “leave at my door” delivery choice for people. It is helpful for those who are in quarantine. They are also providing sick pay for employees.


With DoorDash, people can order food from their favorite restaurants, and it will be delivered at their doorsteps. There are as many as 300,000 local and national hotels and restaurants that users can choose to order from across the U.S. and Canada. There is a unique feature of DoorDash, and that is “Delight Score.” It factors various points, such as restaurant popularity, food quality, delivery time, and customer satisfaction, to recommend customers with the best restaurant. 800+ cities in Canada and the U.S. can access the services of DoorDash.

Stay safe initiatives

There is no contact delivery offered by DoorDash, and customers can collect their orders from restaurants. They provide couriers with hand sanitizers and gloves.


Grubhub helps you find and order food from wherever you are. You have to open the app and type an address where you want the food to be delivered. It will provide you the names of restaurants that deliver to that address. It will also tell about the pickup restaurants that are next to you. Users can also search by cuisine and restaurant name on the app. 

Grubhub is available in more than 3,200 London and U.S. cities.

Stay safe initiatives

The company offers contact-free delivery options to customers and customers can pick their orders themselves from restaurants to minimize exposure. Customers can instruct the driver to leave food on their doorsteps.


Uber is a household name, and it is well-known in the world. Ubereats lets you order food from the restaurants around you. It is easy to use the app. Ubereats is available in most cities around the globe. Ubereats has started an initiative in which they support independent restaurants by waiving delivery fees of those tagged with the Eat Local banner.

Ubereats is available in 500+ cities in 24 countries, including cities in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Asia.

Stay safe initiatives

All UberEats delivery people are provided with sanitization equipment and offer a contact-less delivery option. They abide by the CDC-issued guidelines to ensure food is sealed in tamper-proof packaging. They provide financial assistance to their staff that falls ill from the COVID-19 virus. All these apps are possible due to food delivery app development.

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Jeevanjot loves to write about new technology and presents a different view on various topics. She helps clients build a clear marketing message to create sales consistently.

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