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5 Rental Startups That Cleared The Par and Now on The Roll


The rise of bike rental startups across the world has brought a great opportunity for all bike enthusiasts to travel anywhere they want affordably and conveniently. When you are in a new city for a few days, you can rent a bike of your choice and visit the famous places of the city. A great benefit of renting a bike is that you don’t have to worry about the maintenance part; you can enjoy your journey without unnecessary worries. As they say that history repeats itself, the old days are coming back! After car-sharing and hailing cabs, now is the time for using mobile apps to share the bike.


Do you want to ride a bike on the weekend, but you don’t own a bike? Fret not; you can just rent it out. Take it wherever you want! Mobile renting apps are specifically designed to solve the problem. The rider gets all the information about the type of bike and the place where you can pick it up. There must be people in your circle, who use Bicycle Sharing App.



Below we are mentioning 5 bike rental startups that have made it big.

ONN Bikes

ONN Bikes allows you to rent a bike without any hassle. You just have to download the app and to help determine your location, turn on geolocation. Select a country and city. And date and time when you want to ride a bicycle. You will see all the available bikes in the app on that date. You will be able to see the price and features of bikes, and you can choose the one you like. 

After that, you have to confirm the reservation, and you will receive your bike on time. You can choose the payment method; the app supports several payment methods. The main menu will present you with all events and bookings.


Spin has its headquarters in San Francisco, California. Spin is a popular bicycle-sharing service in the United States.

Dockless bike system allows users to park within a defined district at a bike rack. The company enables users to rent the bike via their mobile app. Spin came into existence in 2016; it is a relatively new company that began its service in Seattle with 500 cycles. In the very the first week of its business, the company registered a remarkable 5000 rides.

The company offers riders a three-speed bicycle equipped with GPS and cellular modems.


The jump was launched in 2013. It started its e-bike service in Washington, D.C, and after that, it partnered with Uber in San Francisco. Now, Jump, and Uber are official partners. It allows its users to boost their bikes to reach 20 miles per hour. It’s a great feature for those who want to cycle uphills.


With Spinlister, you can rent a bike anywhere in your city. There are different rental prices in the app, which makes it easy to find the prices that fit users’ budgets. You can choose a city bike to go around the city or rent a mountain bike if you want to cycle in the mountains. Users get messages about the location of the rental bike. The app allows you to reserve the bike by paying in advance. The app supports several payment systems. Before finalizing the bike, you can read a short description of the bike. You can also add your own bike to the app and earn money.

Social Bicycles

With Social Bikes, you can share your bikes or rent a bike anywhere. To use the app for renting bikes, you have to complete the registration process, which is not time-consuming. The app allows you to see all the different types of bikes available, and you can rent the one you like the most. Different bikes have different rental prices; you can choose those that suit your budget. Since the app tracks your location and route, you are charged based on the number of miles you ride the bike. The good the thing about using bikes to go to work is it’s a mini-workout, it keeps your weight in check.

Why Ride-Sharing App Services Are Becoming Popular?

Affordable Price Renting a bike is affordable. Even students can easily afford to rent bikes. That’s why ride-sharing apps are gaining popularity.


Different Types of Bikes

Different types of bikes are available for different needs. Do you need to ride in the mountains? Want to cycle uphill? No worries, different types of bike availability ensure that you have a smooth and joyous experience.


The apps are user-friendly. It’s not hard to use these apps. You can easily book the bike you want through mobile apps.

Third-Party Integration

Several types of integrations, such as payment modes, operations, information systems, and infrastructure, can be done to a single entity.

Strong Network

There is a lot of user engagement, and that’s what makes these apps successful. There is a well-connected network of bikes & stations, which makes it easy for users to rent a bike and have a smooth experience.   

Support of Local Authorities

The support of local authorities is one big reason for the success of this service. Without the help of authorities, it is impossible to expect such a huge success.

Must-Have Features in the Bike Sharing App


Bike rental apps are enjoying great success, but there is very tough competition. Some great features help you beat the competition:

Trip Details

With the help of trip details, users can have an idea about the whole trip they are going to have. An overview of the trip is always a good idea.

Customer Support

Friendly customer support is crucial for the success of the app.

Multiple Payment Options

Multiple payment options provide users various options to pay.

QR code to unlock the bike

QR code to unlock the bike and lock the bike using the app feature is a must in any app. It protects users from theft.

Final Words

On-demand ride and rental apps are gaining popularity. Bike renting apps are applauded by people as bikes are not only cost-efficient and environment-friendly, but keep you healthy as well.


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Jeevanjot Kaur

Jeevanjot loves to write about new technology and presents a different view on various topics. She helps clients build a clear marketing message to create sales consistently.

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