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What is Self-Delivery, and How Does it Work?


Remember those days when Pizza chains like Dominos and Pizza hut were the only options that delivered food on your doorsteps? Now the times have changed, on-demand food delivery app for restaurants has become a great way for restaurants to provide convenience to customers by providing home delivery services.


Many eateries are offering home-delivery services by taking the help of third-party vendors such as Zomato, Swiggy, Grubhub, Doordash, etc., but now they are exploring options to have their own app to take things into their own hands and have control over the situation. A food ordering app like Doordash that offers restaurants to use their own existing fleet is beneficial for restaurants as they have to pay 40-50% less commission compared to when they use drivers provided by the app.


We are accustomed to convenience, 30 minutes delivery is loved by users; in today's time, digital delivery, where users place the order from their smartphones, pay on the app, and get the order delivered in less than 30 minutes at their doorsteps have become an important factor in the success of a restaurant.


Let's see the various advantages of self-delivery for your eatery:


Better Service Quality


Directly employed front-line staff with the appropriate training and service mindset are better positioned to deliver the service quality expected when high-quality standards are a top concern. According to IWFM research, this is one of the main reasons why single service delivery has grown to 29 percent of the market by 2018. The firm culture, mission, values, and work principles are frequently represented in service standards. Even when subcontractors have received extensive training, it isn't easy to ensure that their staff is culturally aligned and capable of meeting the client's expectations.


Decrease Risk and High Transparency


Self-delivery can help reduce risk in various ways while also ensuring high efficiency in service delivery and management data. When a service provider self-delivers, they can assure that all front-line staff gets the technical, health and safety, and customer service training and coaching they need to deliver the service consistently and compliant. Standards can be monitored on a regular basis, and actions can be taken to guarantee that all personnel is motivated to directly assist the customer's business results.



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Tailored Services


One of the many benefits of self-delivery are the tailored services. You can provide the services in a way that is brand exclusive. You can make your customers feel privileged with your tailored services. Also, self-delivery is a great way to promote your brand; your drivers can wear a uniform with a logo and name of your restaurant, which helps in promoting your brand.


Manage Expenses


Self-delivery allows restaurants to manage and control delivery expenses in a better way. When they have their own delivery system in place, they don't have to pay a third party for delivery. It saves a lot of money.


Enhanced Customer Experience