Why Grocery Business Should Have the Best Grocery Delivery App

Why Your Grocery Business Should Have the Best Grocery Delivery App

August 8, 2022
Grocery Delivery App

Consumers love to shop for groceries online and the best grocery delivery app adds to the convenience of people. As per Orian Research, the worldwide online grocery market is expected to reach $250 billion between 2020 and 2025. It is certain that the estimate is increasing the interest of food ecommerce firms. Through this blog, we assist entrepreneurs in understanding how they can bring their business online with the online grocery delivery app. 

Why Should you Start an Online Grocery Store? 

Examine the Demands 

During the coronavirus pandemic, the need for solutions that deliver goods at home increased. During this time, grocery delivery app development saw a major surge. People got used to on-demand delivery apps during that time and they are habitual of the convenience that these apps provide them. 

Executable Business Model 

Profitable business will result from identifying the proper product demand and implementing the business plan accordingly. Before launching an online business, you must determine the delivery zone, connect with and deal with an online grocery model, and build a solid distribution network to fulfill orders on time. 

This business concept is simple to implement. Technology is a boon in this day and age because it delivers many useful features while also saving us time and energy. There are many advancements in on-demand grocery delivery app solutions, which make it easy for businesses to build trusted and reliable solutions for users. As a result, launching an online business is not as difficult as it formerly was. 

Ease of Marketing  

Because of its potential to reach a huge audience, the Internet is a terrific means for marketing business online. One can use digital marketing to promote the business in a specific place and to a targeted audience. 

Top Market Players in 2022 

For startups and individual players who wish to build up their online business as the best grocery delivery app, they have endless opportunities to provide the best experience to their customers. Businesses may simply deliver bulk orders or individual deliveries by establishing an online business. 

Online Grocery Business

Top Market Players in the Online Grocery Business are: 

  • Instacart 
  • DoorDash 
  • Amazon 
  • UberEats 
  • Tesco and Sainsbury’s 
  • BigBasket 
  • Walmart 
  • Stop and Shop 
  • Alibaba Group 
  • Cerekart 
  • Walmart 
  • Peapod 

Key Things to Understand Before Starting an Online Grocery Business 

Revenue Model of Grocery Delivery Apps 

One needs to understand the grocery marketplace before venturing into the business. As every business operates with the intention of making a profit, the revenue model of the online grocery delivery app: 

Base Commission 

The commission is calculated based on the total sale generated by your platform. This process is dependent on market demand and supply chains; also, you may have charged different commission rates for different products and areas. 

Subscription Plan 

The Grocery Delivery app allows users to subscribe to select products and have them delivered on a regular basis without having to place an order for them every time. The customer can subscribe to this plan and pay in full to receive the advantage without fuss; the customer does not need to order daily because their order will be delivered according to the subscription plan’s criteria. 


In a nutshell, if a consumer joins a store, they will receive benefits such as having their order at their doorstep for no additional cost. When it comes to delivery charges, you must always pay them at the time of payment for online orders, but if the customer has a membership with the business, they only have to pay for the product, not the delivery, and they can receive their order quickly. 

Free delivery, priority delivery (before and after the deadline), and a delivery schedule are all possible membership benefits. 


If you wish to make your own grocery delivery app, the best technique to market your services or products to the general public is through promotions. This is to help you grow your business by increasing the visibility of the services you are willing to supply to your consumers. Promotion can take the shape of a banner, an ad banner, a video, and other media. 

It assists in attracting more clients to your public platform. You may easily advertise your services, products, satisfied customers, membership plan, subscription, and so on. 

Key Features for Admin and Vendors 

Management of Profiles and Registration 

When you want to develop a grocery delivery application like Big Basket, you need to build an interactive profile and registration module. It is the very first step to enter the app for vendors and customers. The grocery delivery app builder can help you make an interactive app at competitive price.  

You can’t ignore this functionality if you’re using an aggregator model to build a multi-vendor platform. This panel allows multiple vendors to register with your company and manage their data. They can adjust prices, add new products, and even make consumer offers, among other things. 

Order of Assignment 

This feature allows grocery retailers or you (if you’re using a single vendor platform) to assign orders to customers, making it an important component of your supermarket app. It allows you to assign orders to various delivery people based on their availability. 

Control panel 

The dashboard of the grocery marketplace will make it simple to manage your store. This feature allows the admin to see all of the main dashboard functions, such as orders, payments, and delivery. 

Content Administration 

This feature allows you to improve the user experience by optimizing the content of your customer app. In a multi-vendor app, content is updated and maintained by various store owners.   

Typically, the content management options include 

  • Edit information about the grocery store (for example, name, address, contact information, operating hours, etc.). 
  • Add images 
  • Edit the product list (for example, delete items or change the price). 

You are assisting users in getting a better UX from your grocery platform by maintaining the information real-time and up to date. 

Accounts & Management  

This section of the on demand grocery delivery app allows you to manage and amend your financial accounts and payment information. It assists businesses in calculating the total revenue earned by an app. 

Push Notifications  

The push notifications feature of the grocery marketplace allows the admins to send notifications to customers about product discounts and other future deals. Custom notifications can be issued to users based on their choices and interests using their order history. 


You may utilize analytics to see how many users have downloaded your app and how many orders you receive each day. It basically aids you in keeping track of your business and its data. 

Features of Customer App 

Search for groceries 

One of the most visible and important aspects of a grocery delivery app is the search feature. After logging into the app, the user can search for groceries or even local grocery stores in their area. A simple search option will help the user find the products he needs to order online. This is how it works: the grocery delivery app solution will have a list of all the grocery goods and stores sorted by name, location, and product preferences (fruits, vegetables, packaged foods, etc.). The user finds it easy to look for the groceries he needs with this smart list. The user can easily place the order. 

Add to Cart Option 

Add to cart feature in an online grocery delivery app is an important one and can’t be ignored when building a grocery delivery app like Uber. Users can select items and put them in the cart. They can put items in the cart from various stores available on the app. The cart option allows users to have a look at what they have decided to buy so far. 

Schedule orders 

It’s great if users can arrange orders ahead of time and have groceries delivered at the scheduled time. The option allows users to get groceries at the right time. Users can even choose the delivery of particular items every day, every week, or every month. 

Payment Gateway 

Grocery delivery apps should have multiple payment methods such as debit cards, credit cards, e-wallets, cash on delivery, etc. It allows users to choose the method they trust the most. Since users are going to trust the platform to enter their card details, it’s important to provide secure payment options.  

Order History 

Customers may wish to review their previous orders placed from the grocery delivery app. It could be for a variety of reasons, such as wanting to order the same product from the same store or simply wanting to see how much they spent on groceries last month. Customers will be able to check their previously ordered items with this functionality. This allows them to place a repeat order from the same seller without having to search for and select a local retailer. 

Real-time Order Tracking 

If you want your customer to trust your services, this is critical. You don’t want them to be forced to do nothing except wait for the order to arrive. Orders may be delivered late or even ahead of schedule on occasion. Users will appreciate being able to track the progress of their order from dispatch to delivery at their doorstep. It will not only ensure that users’ orders arrive on time, but it will also assist them in remaining calm while they wait. 

Reviews and Ratings 

This feature, which allows users to rate and review your grocery delivery service, can make or destroy your app. Consider the following scenario. Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to place orders and receive deliveries. However, which of the grocery store selections offered on your app should the customer select? You certainly want to assist users in selecting the finest options available. 

Wrapping Up 

Grocery delivery app development has opened opportunities for grocery stores to bring their business online and earn more revenue. These apps are a great way to connect with customers and grow the business. 


Out of the many apps available for grocers, CereKart is the best as it can be customized as per business needs.

Yes, there are many apps like Instacart, DoorDash, UberEats that deliver groceries.

Bigbasket delivers the fastest.


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