Best Online Business for 2020- On-Demand Medicine Delivery App

Best Online Business for 2020- On-Demand Medicine Delivery App

Simran Dhawan
November 9, 2020
On-Demand Medicine Delivery App

Technology is altering the healthcare sector, and smart entrepreneurs are all set to rule the industry tomorrow. With the trending mobile-first consumer behavior, secured and flexible payment gateways, the world is rapidly switching to online medicine delivery.

A recent report by BusinessWire suggests that in Europe, the On-demand Medicine Delivery business or online pharmacy market will grow by 14% CAGR during 2019-2025. The main factors that attribute the growth of the ePharma industry are:

  • Increased smartphone ownership
  • Fast and free Internet connectivity
  • Easy ordering and quick delivery of medicines
  • Prioritizing and spending more on healthcare
  • Widespread chronic diseases
  • Changing lifestyle due to Covid-19

Creating an best medicine delivery app is a lucrative business idea to create a steady customer base and generate a host of B2B opportunities in the years to come. According to Insider, some of the top brands reaping many benefits through ePharmacy in the US are, PillPack, ZipDrug, Capsule, Walmart pharmacies, and many more.

So, let’s cut it short and look at the essential features your On-demand Medicine Delivery App must have, to provide seamless services to your customers.

Must-have features of an Online Medicine Delivery App

As physicians and patients shift to telemedicine, the need for contact-less delivery of medicine is rapidly growing. With quite a few successful apps in this niche and many physicians trying to launch their online medicine selling app, the developers have already gained a lot of insights into creating successful business platforms to help startups gain business benefits. Some of the main features for different panels are:

A. Customer Panel

  • Locating nearby pharmacies
  • Sign-up, Sign-in, and sign-out
  • Prescription Upload
  • Scheduling Refills
  • Return Policy
  • Loyalty Points

B. Medicine Service Provider Panel

  • Quick and robust connection with users
  • PRN-“pro re nata” stating on-demand services
  • Real-time order tracking
  • Tracking the stock of medicines

C. Administrative Panel Development

  • Patients’ Data Analytics
  • Monitor and Control Inventory and order scheduling
  • Maintain health data of patients securely

D. Additional Features

Apart from the above-mentioned basic features, other advanced features should be added to the on-demand medicine delivery app to help attract more customers and gain a competitive edge. Some of them are:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software
  • Expert Counselling
  • Trending Health and Fitness tips
  • Associate Medical Store
  • Reviews and Ratings
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Quick and Refined Search

Domain Expertise to Create a Robust App

To ensure that the app is launched as complete, sturdy, and secured software, it is crucial to involve experts from various domains. Experienced and skilled professionals, under one roof, will add value to your business idea and help you attract more business benefits. To cater to your customer expectations and gain an edge over your business rivals, apart from App Developers, the software needs critical input from the Marketing experts, Quality Analysts, Testers, UI/UX designers, etc. Also, guidance from doctors and physicians is a must for medical assistance.

It is essential to obtain the required licenses before one starts to sell pharmacies online. Choose the best on-demand delivery app development companies having proficient developers to create user-engaging, secured and robust apps for your online business.

Benefits of Online Medicine Delivery App

With changing lifestyles and people of all age groups adopting digital platforms, it is the best time to launch your online medicine delivery app. There are some compelling reasons that attract more users to turn to digital platforms, rather than going to pharmacy stores and wait in queues. The impact of the pandemic, increasing health and lifestyle awareness, people becoming more fitness conscious, readily available internet connectivity, and cheap smartphones, make it convenient for customers to opt for On-demand Medicine Delivery App. Apart from all this, there are other benefits of choosing an on-demand medicine delivery app.

  • Quality products and medicines delivered within the estimated time
  • Free consultation from fitness experts, nutritionists, physicians, etc. for medical prescription
  • Lab Aggregation helps in finding and booking an appointment at the nearest diagnostic centers
  • Multi-lingual features support users from different regions
  • Using filters help in the refined search
  • Document upload allows users to share their medical prescription
  • The option of collecting medicines from the store

Expenses Involved in starting an Online Pharmacy

Like every business that needs some initial investment and strategic planning, an on-demand medicine delivery app also requires certain expenses before launching the app in the market.

Purchasing Medical insurance

The owner must purchase essential medical insurance for liability claims. On average, the cost of a pharmaceutical claim is more than $14,000.

Registration of Pharmacy Business

The pharmacy businesses can be set up under a partnership or proprietorship or set up as an LLP or Private Limited Company.

Tax Registration

Like any other business, online medicine delivery business needs to register and pay the mandatory taxes like VAT (Value Added Tax) and Sales Tax, to the Tax Department.

Pharmacy License

It is mandatory to obtain the Drug or Pharmacy License before starting an Online medicine delivery startup. The State Drugs Standard Control Organizations and Central Drugs Standard Control Organizations issue the required Drug Licenses. Know more.

Certified Pharmacist

People with a certified degree or diploma in pharmacy are eligible to attain the Drug License or Pharmacy license. It is mandatory to have a trained and certified pharmacist on board to begin your online medicine delivery startup.

Partnering with Pharmacies

Startups must tie-up with pharmacies in different locations to cater to their customer requirements. By partnering with multiple pharmacies, customers are offered quick delivery of their on-demand medicines.

As you leap forward to create another business marvel, I am sure the insights, as mentioned above, will help you boost your business profits. Cerebrum Infotech is a leading Custom Application Development Company that has helped turn many startups to transform their business ideas into reality. We have domain expertise in creating innovative, user-engaging, and affordable On-demand delivery Apps using the latest technology trends. Our skilled and expert developers create effective and customized apps for diverse business portfolios, ranging from Medicine Delivery, Food Delivery to Education Management Suites.

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