CereKart Release: Here’s what You Need to Know

CereKart Release: Here’s what You Need to Know

Jeevanjot Kaur
April 29, 2021
Food Delivery App

Cerebrum Infotech is launching CereKart, the on-demand delivery system; has an admin app, a vendor/seller app, a delivery personnel app, and a customer app. The system is designed in such a way that it is easy to integrate and easy to use for everyone. 

CereKart allows businesses to manage delivery operations from a single platform and boost sales. CereKart is the best solution for businesses dealing in food, grocery, medicine, cab, home services, courier, and flower delivery.

Idea Behind CereKart: Market Research & Client Requirements

  • We identified that businesses wanted advanced real-time tools to interact with vendors, delivery personnel, and customers more efficiently.
  • Businesses required an advanced system that helped manage delivery operations better and serve their target audience by depending on data-driven decisions.
  • Business owners wanted to provide users with multiple payment options to make the whole process easy.  
  • Last but not least, we also found in our research that businesses wanted premium security features in order to protect the personal data of the users. 
  • To deliver what businesses need, we are here with CereKart. CereKart is equipped with next-gen features that help businesses rule the market. 

Whether you need a food delivery app, Online Medicine Delivery App, the Best Grocery delivery app, or any On-demand delivery app, CereKart is your one-stop solution.

Let’s Give You an Overview of CereKart

CereKart has an admin app, vendor/seller app, delivery personnel app, and customer app. Below we are providing you with the basic functionalities of these four apps:

Admin App

The admin dashboard of CereKart allows the admin to:

  • Manage User
  • Configuration and setting
  • Manage subscription
  • Manage Staff
  • CRM
  • Chat and Support
  • Real-time reports and analytics

Vendor/Seller App

  • Manage business profile
  • Catalog management
  • Order Management
  • Manage business profile
  • Manage Tasks

Delivery personnel App:

  • Duty on/off
  • Pick a job
  • Job details
  • Order Tracking
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Real-time status update
  • Wallet and earnings

Customer App

Features provided in the customer app are:

  • Manage cart
  • Dashboard
  • Offers and discounts
  • Order tracking
  • Multiple payment options
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Chat and support
  • Membership

Now, Let’s Learn About Some of the Features of CereKart in Detail 


In Cerekart, we have kept the signup and login process simple and quick. In our market research, we found out that users abandon apps that have a tiresome signup process. The signup process of an on-demand delivery process should be swift as nobody likes to spend a lot of time on the very first step of accessing the app. In CereKart, we have given the provision of social signup as well as phone number signup. 

Advanced Search 

CereKart is all about simplifying operations. The advanced search feature of CereKart allows users to browse by categories such as bestsellers, first-time on sale, etc. For example, in the food delivery app, users can filter by vegetarian, vegan, or non-vegetarian options. It allows users to find what they are looking for without taking too much time. 

Push Notifications 

CereKart’s push notifications feature is a great way for businesses to remind customers about the business. Businesses can inform users about sales, discounts, coupons, product launches, etc. Not only that, but you can also send cart-based notifications to your users. One can even send special discount codes to loyal customers with this feature, which will make their day and build business credibility. 

Real-Time Analytics 

Real-time analytics is a crucial feature of CereKart. It helps businesses get a 360-degree view of their business. They can know which products are bestsellers, how many orders are placed, how many are in transit, how many are pending, how many have been completed, etc. With the real-time analytics feature of CereKart, businesses can improve their strategies to improve performance. 

Multiple Payment Modes 

Safe and secure payment methods are a must for any on-demand delivery app. CereKart provides multiple payment modes, such as debit cards, credit cards, e-wallets, cash on delivery, etc. Customers can choose the one they like the most. 

Route Optimization

The Route Optimization feature of CereKart helps delivery personnel to find the best and shortest route to deliver the order on time.

Find the Nearby Delivery Personnel

CereKart helps you find the nearby delivery personnel. You don’t have to call every delivery personnel asking where they are and if they are free to deliver another order. CereKart makes the operations efficient by saving time.

Let’s See Why Your Business Should Have CereKart:

Brand Loyalty 

The first and foremost reason for having CereKart is that it helps you build brand loyalty. If your brand is not listed with a third-party delivery vendor, it becomes difficult to make customers trust you. An easy way to do so is to create your own on-demand delivery app. CereKart is a reliable and strong app, which acts as a magnet to attract new customers and build loyalty. 

Convenience and Comfort 

CerKart is all about providing convenience and comfort to your customers. With CereKart, users can place orders from the comfort of their homes, and their order gets delivered at their doorsteps. CereKart makes the experience of ordering and booking on-demand products/services easy and hassle-free. Customers are getting tech-savvy; they don’t want to waste their time going out for things that can be easily delivered at home.

Delivery Efficiency 

Efficient delivery is crucial for any on-demand delivery business. When the order is not collected on time, the delivery personnel is rude, there are no multiple payment options, or the package is not in good condition, your reputation as a business gets hampered. Many times, the third-party vendors mix up the orders. You can save yourself from all these problems with the help of CereKart.  CereKart automates the majority of business operations and ensures accurate and safe delivery. 

Delivery Experience 

The whole delivery experience is better when you have CereKart, a dedicated on-demand delivery app. With CereKart, you can provide your customers with a better experience. CereKart makes the whole journey from placing an order to getting the order seamless. A poor delivery experience can ruin the reputation of a business. CereKart allows your customers to stay in touch with you through the “help and support” section of the app. In case customers face any issue, they know the business is there to listen and solve the problem.

Social Media Integration 

Social media has become an indispensable part of the lives of many people. They like to share their feedback, pictures of their freshly received order on their social media platforms. CereKart’s social media integration feature allows users to jump from the app to social media.

Final Words

CereKart is an ultimate on-demand delivery app; its UI/UX design, special attention to features help businesses to attract customers and increase their ROI. CereKart is for every online ordering business that wants to improve operations and provide customers with a great experience.

Jeevanjot Kaur

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