Top 15 Mobile App Development Trends to Look After in 2023

Top 15 Mobile App Development Trends to Look After in 2023

September 2, 2022
Mobile App Development Trends

Can you imagine using a smartphone without a mobile app?  

I think your answer would probably be NO.   

Smartphones need to have mobile apps to reserve their position. No doubt, with the increase in number of people using smartphones, there’ll be a rise in mobile apps.   

Statista, in one of their reports, stated that by 2022 mobile app market revenue is expected to reach $693 billion.   

But that doesn’t mean every mobile app performs well in the market. Unfortunately, some apps fail miserably.   

To make your app a hit, you need to know the latest market trends, understand your target audience’s pain points, and invest a good deal of capital in advertisements- and then you can hope that your app does well.   

The first step in this journey is to become aware of what kind of apps are getting engagement. We know that research can take time.   

That’s why we did thorough research fact-checking and brought you every mobile app trend in 2023.   

Top Mobile App Development Trends in 2023 

Here are top 15 mobile app development trends that have grown exceptionally so far this year (2023).  

1. The Era of 5G  

5G technology has been present among us for many years, but this year it has become a popular ‘buzzword.’ Every now and then, an article emphasizes 5G importance, on how big it will become in 2023. 

Big, medium, and small-scale technology companies are rooting for the 5G era and doing every possible thing to be the first one to launch high-tech solutions. According to a published report by 2023, almost 800 million smartphones will have a 5G connection.   

Era of 5G

So, what does this mean for mobile app development?   

5G technology will shape the way mobile apps are developed. And it will indeed have a massive impact on every mobile app development company’s project completion process. Below are the few things we can expect that’ll happen;  

Speed will Drastically Improve: 5G is supposed to be ten times faster than other technologies. Not only will this boost development and network speed, but it will enable much more productivity in workplaces which we can only expect now.   

Latency will Reduce: With the arrival of 5G, latency is anticipated to reduce from 50 milliseconds to 1 millisecond.   

Online Streaming Mobile Apps will Become Better: There are many online video streaming services- but somewhere, all of them face one similar problem- slow internet. With less latency and higher resolution, video streaming services will surely see better streaming, thus elevating users’ watching experience.   

Other Crucial Changes  

  • Data transfer exchange between devices will become faster and easier.  
  • Augmented and virtual reality will bring in more opportunities with the integration of 5G technology.  
  • 5G will give space to developers to experiment as fast speed will be there for backup.   

2. Apps for Foldable Devices  

The mobile app market has grown so much in the past few years. Foldable devices were considered a risk earlier, but now that gigantic brands have started manufacturing foldable smartphones-its demand has grown to a large extent.   

According to Statista, 50 million units of foldable devices will be shipped in 2022. So, if you are planning to build an app, it needs to work fine on foldable devices, too; otherwise, it’ll be a disaster.   

Unit shipments of smartphones worldwide by type in 2021 and 2025

Foldable apps are desirable among the younger generation as it gives them a larger screen to play games, watch web series, chat, etc. In addition, a larger screen can also have a positive impact on a user’s mind.   

  • A larger screen means more space to see details, clarity, and mesmeric experience.   
  • Larger screen means no issue with opening multiple apps on mobile devices.  

Thus, designers and developers must keep screen size/space in mind while developing an app. This will solidly be one of the biggest and most challenging mobile app development trends of 2023.   

3. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to Rule App Industry  

Augmented and virtual reality has done exceedingly well this year (2023), especially in the mobile app industry. People cherish augmented and virtual reality for apparent reasons (kids more than adults). Famous examples include Pokémon Go- which became a raging trend for people of all ages.   

Mobile applications have become more practical than before; for instance, Loreal Paris uses augmented reality features for their Style My Hair app.   

Other brands also jump into AR & VR to enhance users’ experience. Below are some examples;  

  • Lenskart allows users to try on glasses before they make a purchase. This feature has increased their sales and boosted their faith among buyers.  
  • Ikea, another big brand, gives the option to see how a particular piece of furniture would look in their home.    
  • American Express, as a part of its sponsorship of the 2015 US Open, created a gaming app called “You vs. Sharapova.” A virtual reality app to let fans play tennis with star Maria Sharapova.   
  • Even Google and Amazon keep bringing innovative AR and VR solutions to users. Apple, partnering up with Ikea, has launched a new Studio mode feature that uses LiDar technology to improve buyers’ furniture shopping experience.   

4. Wearable App Integration   

Wearable devices such as smartwatches, fitness bands, and calorie trackers- are all being adored and bought every second. According to Statista, wearable device sales made about 453 million in 2017 and are expected to cross the 900$ million mark by 2022.   

This year we also saw many remarkable launches in the wearable app industry, such as Apple sharing the WatchOS 8 update.   

Google did not stay behind in the competition; it also announced a unified wearable platform that smoothly blends its operating system with Samsung’s Tizen software. All this hints at incredible growth in the wearable app devices industry.

In other words, you need to embrace this mobile app development trend if you are manufacturing fitness products or are in the fitness or health industry.  

5. Food and Grocery Delivery App  

During the pandemic and post-pandemic, demand for food and grocery delivery apps skyrocketed. Delivery apps were the only source of getting groceries and food delivered as people avoided going to public places. As an outcome, these two were the most in-demand mobile applications.   

Although there is big competition in the food and grocery business, there is still a void in meeting customer satisfaction. There are many loopholes that even popular food and grocery delivery apps fail to exceed.   

According to Insider Intelligence, in 2020, grocery delivery apps saw the most extensive growth, with about a 40.9% rise in smartphone users.   

Food delivery apps had the same fate; these apps also had many uprisings. They saw a rise of almost 32.9% as people felt safer ordering food online during a worldwide lockdown.   

In 2021, things went downhill for some time. While grocery delivery apps demand again rose to 5.8%, on the other hand, food delivery app users decreased by 2.6%. 

No matter what situation the world is in, whether in a pandemic or not, the comfort and meaningful service food and grocery delivery apps can offer- can’t be replaced with anything else. People still have tight schedules and go to work, so the need to order food and groceries online will always exist.   

Build an app to get in the competition and earn benefits from the rising industry, as this particular mobile app development is not going anywhere soon.   

6. Super Apps  

A super app is like an Alipay – (E-wallet, Payments, Supports up to 12 foreign currencies, Hotels booking, etc.)

Earlier enterprises followed one app, one purpose approach, but now things are changing. Businesses are rooting for super apps. They find it more useful, valuable, and practical.   

Super apps have earned wild popularity in Asia. However, this mobile app technology is getting attention in the east as well. People are mending ways to integrate super apps into their development process.   

There are many examples to understand super apps better. One such example is Facebook; being a social network site, companies can now sell their products via business pages, and users can buy clothing, make-up, and other bunch of stuff. 

Similarly, with Amazon, you can pay bills online and buy different necessary items, groceries, and others.   

Super apps are the mobile app trend, which is unseen but will definitely rise to the occasion in 2023 and later. 

7. IoT-enabled Mobile Apps to See Brighter Times  

The Internet of things is already a massive part of the online world. It exists everywhere, from smartphones to tablets to voice-controlled home gadgets. When talking about mobile app trends that are very much possible to occur in 2023, we cannot leave IoT out of the list.   

The Internet of things is definitely the future of apps and the most powerful technology in today’s world; it is behind the success of other technologies- machine learning.   

In one of their studies, Mordor Intelligence, an intelligence research firm, stated that the IoT technology market value will grow to $1.39 trillion by 2026.   

Global Internet of Things (Iot) Market

This growth is possible because of the below-mentioned reasons;  

  • The pandemic highlighted the need for remote monitoring, smart home devices, and quick data analysis solutions.   
  • Businesses are in the rat race to innovate better artificial intelligence solutions directly linked to a network of advanced sensors, all within the scope of IoT.   
  • IoT networks are needed as they can handle complex and deliver tasks efficiently compared to centralized solutions.  

Many huge brands invest in IoT to accelerate yearly revenue, such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Honeywell, and others. Thus, the demand for IoT will surely give a push to IoT-enabled mobile applications trend in 2023. 

8. Mobile Commerce  

The pandemic made every industry reflect on what they lack and what more they can offer the world. And Mobile commerce was one such sector. The pandemic shifted things to bigger change. Everyone started relying on mobile apps, from large retailers to small business owners.   

According to eMarketer statistics, in 2021, mobile commerce could rank at $3.5 trillion.  

Mobile E-commerce is up and Poised for Further Growth

Post-pandemic reliability on mobile commerce did decline and caused a disadvantage. Businesses should and need to integrate mobile commerce to stop it from sinking.   

9. Blockchain- On the Rise 

Blockchain technology became famous because of the demand for cryptocurrencies. But there is so much more to technology. The Blockchain sector has grown considerably since its first demand was seen and heard. An article published by Demand Sage reports that the blockchain industry will be worth $163.83 billion by 2029.  

Blockchain decentralized apps are becoming a trend at an incredible speed. According to a Statista report, there are over 70 million blockchain wallets, out of which mobile wallets are what users prefer the most. We can say that the Blockchain stats will undoubtedly grow and are looking pretty good so far.   

In 2023, blockchain has become the fastest growing mobile app and is being used in every sector, such as mobile app development, banking, healthcare, and manufacturing. 

10. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning  

AI and ML have been among the top mobile app development trends for 2023. 2020 and 2021 made us realize the significance of artificial intelligence and machine learning and the extraordinary results they can deliver to the masses.  

Artificial intelligence and machine learning can transform businesses’ rigorous methods of marketing and old processes and offer a highly efficient workflow. AI and collaboratively can-do wonders; they both play a pivotal role in creating a technology-enabled business model.  

Google, in 2021, launched new features for its Maps app that utilizes artificial intelligence to elevate user experience. Google is obviously big with tech; in another update, Google added the use of AI to suggest less carbon-intensive routes.   

AI and ML have always been in big corporations’ eyes, but this year signifies more remarkable results.   

According to Data Diversity, 40% of infrastructure and operations teams in big enterprises will use AI-powered augmented solutions to free up human labor for more strategic work.   

What more does both this tech have in the future; we’ll just have to wait and watch, but one thing is for sure – it’ll be a popular app in demand. 

11. P2P Mobile Apps 

According to eMarketer, the projected worth of P2P mobile transactions will reach a whopping $612 billion by the year 2023.   

P2P Mobile Payment Transactions Value in USA

P2P mobile apps are payment services that require both parties to have an active user account, and all of those accounts must be tied to a valid bank account or a credit card number.  With the rise in awareness about online payment services, we can assume that the demand for P2P mobile apps will grow.   

Users love these apps as one can pay any amount swiftly- anywhere, anytime.   

Below are some P2P features we can see doing rounds this year (2023).   

  • Social media channels with built-in payment features.   
  • Independent providers are offering their payment systems.  
  • Cryptocurrency wallet.   

If you have had a P2P mobile app idea in mind for quite some time, 2023 is the right year to make a firm decision. 

12. Predictive Analysis 

Here is another mobile app trend ready to shake things up in the mobile app industry. By utilizing artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data mining- predictive analysis can efficiently forecast events using data.   

Enterprises have been applying predictive analysis in mobile apps for a while now. Netflix is a famous example; Netflix uses predictive analysis to recommend movies, web series, and TV shows based on users watching habits.  

Amazon is also not behind in the race; the platform uses predictive analysis to personalize user product recommendations based on earlier shopping choices.   

Below are the two areas where the predictive analysis would make big changes and play a significant role in mobile app development industry trends in 2023.   

To Optimize Development Process: Companies gather data from developers to address issues that suggest better alternatives than present ones.   

To Improve User Experience: Businesses can utilize data to provide a better user experience.  

Predictive analysis reduces the time consumed in research and allows developers to work on faults without going through the development process.   

13. Mobile Learning  

Earlier, students spent hours studying in libraries, and people used to store addresses and phone numbers in contact diaries. But now things have changed for good. Mobile phones have replaced dictionaries, search tools, informational books, and telephone address books.   

Students can now rely on their smartphones to know anything, whether it be the meaning of a word or to find out any specific topic- it’s all available on mobile devices.   

Mobile learning is grabbing attention for many reasons, to begin with, quick accessibility being the most obvious reason. Mobile learning offers freedom to roam and learn to readers, further empowering them to educate themselves more.   

Plus, instant feedback gives a fantastic outlook to readers/learners- enhancing overall learning experience. Enterprises are showing interest in mobile learning, especially during and post-pandemic.   

So, it is not incorrect to emphasize that the demand for mobile learning apps will increase with time. If you have an idea that can catch your attention, it’s worth giving it a shot- and if you need guidance, we can undoubtedly assist you.   

14. On-demand Apps – the Right Way to Develop an App 

On-demand apps are rising among users; they are being experimented on and used to heighten business. A few known examples are Airbnb, ChowNow, Swiggy, Postmates, and Uber-these apps are super popular among youngsters for staying arrangements and cab booking.  

Every year $57.6 billion is spent using on-demand apps.   

On-demand apps can be used for the following purposes;  

  • Laundry services
  • Food delivery
  • Grocery delivery 
  • Virtual tours 
  • Maintenance services 
  • Medicine Delivery apps
  • Pet care
  • On-demand fitness apps
  • Salon Services and much more

If you are an entrepreneur offering any on-demand services, then investing in an on-demand mobile app would be wise and intelligent. This mobile app development industry trend rose in 2023 and will increase in the coming years positively. We have expertise in building robust on-demand apps; we can clear your doubts and gladly help you in your app development journey.   

15. Entertainment and Gaming Apps 

Entertainment and gaming apps are bliss. These apps are cherished and celebrated as they bring us joy. In 2023, entertainment and gaming apps have successfully secured their place as daily apps. Some people cannot imagine their life without such apps- this is the level of craziness among target audiences.   

Entertainment apps such as Netflix alone have 74% active users, which is only in Canada and USA statistics. The figure will surely go up in 2023 and the coming year.  

US Mobile Phone Gamers

Why are Entertainment and Gaming Apps So Popular?   

  • The pandemic changed the way people received entertainment. The web series online streaming services industry grew much larger during the pandemic. And post-pandemic sure did hit a soft spot but soon gained lost audiences.   
  • In addition, most entertainment apps offer shows or movies at significantly fewer prices.   
  • Individuals can use entertainment apps on the go, thanks to smartphones.  
  • Gaming and entertainment apps let people escape their life worries and struggles, giving them a safe cocoon to experience peace.   

To Conclude  

There are millions of apps on the Google Play Store and other app downloading platforms. How will your app shine from the rest?  

There is no surety that your mobile app will rank over other apps.   

So, what can you do to build an app that’ll not just do fine but get more remarkable results?  

You need to know the latest trends to deliver the latest and best services- this is the only way you can ensure that your app performs best than the rest.  

The custom mobile application development will not face any losses; it will continue to grow as long as we need smartphones- and that’ll probably be till the end. So, by investing in a mobile app, you’ll be fine.  

If you want to ideate and develop a mobile app, we’ll be there; all you need to do is fill in this contact form.   


A rebel and dreamer, Rupashi's entire adult life has revolved around writing. Her love for books, creative craving to learn new things, and passion for being an author one day inspire her to give life another shot each day.

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