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Onboarding With Cerebrum: Building Trust of Clients


At Cerebrum, we understand that onboarding is a multi-dimensional process. We ensure that onboarding is simple for our clients; they can get familiar with our products and policies. Our onboarding process enhances the client orientation and creates a streamlined, fast, and valuable experience. The onboarding process lays the foundation of client retention, and if the foundation is strong, you can build anything on it!

Many people perceive the onboarding phase starts when the client decides to purchase. The perception is not entirely wrong, but the real difficulty arises in the onboarding process when the purchase is made; the actual customer relationship is established from here. That's why the onboarding process requires diligent planning, which decides whether you're going to have a long-lasting relation with the client.

Here in Cerebrum, we understand how important the onboarding process is, and we ensure that the customer has a smooth experience. Here in this blog, we cover how we nailed a seamless onboarding process to make lasting customer relationships.

Get in Touch: Discuss Your Requirements

At Cerebrum, we welcome you to get in touch with us and share your requirements. Different businesses have different requirements, and we cater to the needs of all. Proactive communication is the way to go. You can fill the Contact us form on our site, and we will get in touch with you; alternatively, you can call us and have an elaborate discussion. We believe in understanding user requirements to the core before offering you a solution.

Get the Best Suited Business Model

After understanding your requirements, our expert will offer you a solution. We deliver custom-made software solutions; you can ask us to add or delete features; apart from that, our experts are always there to help you from scratch. All our products are designed with precision and are scalable.


We offer the following software solutions:


On-Demand Delivery Applications



In this fast-paced lifestyle, consumers want groceries, medicines, flowers, cakes, food from restaurants, etc., at their doorsteps. On-demand delivery applications come with features such as extensive customization, automated staff scheduling, and booking management to help clients get the best experience.


Integrated Education Management System (iEMS)


The Integrated Education Management System (iEMS) is a comprehensive software solution for schools, colleges, coaching centers, etc. It connects parents, teachers, and students and offers real-time insights. iEMS has an extensive range of features: smart attendance, school bus tracking, time table, online homework assignments and submission, live classrooms, performance tracking, calendar, and events, etc. All our products incorporate the latest technology such as AI/ML, IoT to provide you an effective solution for your business.

On-Demand Home Services


At Cerebrum, we keep an eye on the changing trends. Nowadays, people like services such as car washing, beauty services, pest control, ac repair, etc., at their doorsteps. They don't want to go out to avail of these services. Keeping in view customer trends, Cerebrum provides software solutions for on-demand home services. Businesses get an online marketplace and more customers.


Conference Management Suite


Businesses have conferences and seminars from time to time. We know how hard it is to manage a conference, and for that, we have developed a solution that manages all aspects of a conference. It comes with features like smart tracking, indoor/outdoor navigation, real-time foot-fall/heat maps, live media, conference security, dedicated mobile apps for organizers, speakers, attendees, vendors, instant feedback, and SOS. The cerebrum has developed the conference management suite to take away the stress of planning a successful conference from you.


Fleet Management System


We have seen the plight of fleet owners. Managing a fleet is no easy task. The Fleet management system by Cerebrum is designed to manage your fleet fully. The software is apt to track the daily activities of the fleet, productivity of drivers, GPS tracking, fuel management, asset tracking. By incorporating the software in your business, you will see a reduction in the fleet maintenance cost, and it improves the safety of drivers on roads.


Ride and Rental Apps


Ride and rental apps help you get a competitive edge in the market. These ready to use and scalable web and mobile application solutions take your business to new heights. The solution offers taxi rides, motor rides, boat rides, e-scooter sharing, bicycle-sharing, and car rental. The solution comes with a host of features that make it easy for owners to rent their services and customers get a smooth experience.

E-Marketplace App

Cerebrum's e-marketplace apps allow customers to procure online and simplify their purchase journey. It's a complete solution to the shopping needs of users. We have ensured that the software provides you a detailed inventory where you can showcase your product in the best possible way. It has a powerful dashboard for regular customer data insights. Features like multiple payment options, faster checkouts, wishlists, easy search, etc., provide you an upper edge over the others.

Online Consultation Apps

Online consultation apps have become a necessity for today's users. Today's users want quick solutions as they have a busy schedule. Want to talk to a doctor or a fitness expert? Online consultation apps are your answer. With a wide range of features, the app provides a seamless experience to users.

Free Demo

We value our clients; client satisfaction is our priority. That's why we do not hesitate to provide a free demo to anyone. We know our clients need to be fully satisfied before going further with a product and a free demo helps them to make a final decision.

Product Setup Support

It's hard to tell when the client will be in distress while setting up the product. Although our products are easy to set up, we don't make our clients feel stranded. That's why we are happy to provide product setup support. An expert will guide you throughout the whole process to avoid any problem. Happy clients are our biggest assets. We have taken great care to ensure that first-time users won't face any problems in setting up the product.

Quality Assurance

Cerebrum's quality assurance process ensures that the product meets the quality standards. Quality assurance is a promise from our side that the client will have a positive experience with us. We make it a point to understand the client's priority for quality assurance while developing the product.

Interactive Walkthrough

Wait for a minute; we are not done helping you yet. We will help you in every step. Let us explain about the product that you are buying. We will walk you through the product step-by-step. We will explain to you every feature and how you can use it for the benefit of your business. 

Product Deployment On the Production Server: Ready to Use

Our products are ready to use, it saves your time, and you don't need special hardware to make the products work. As usual, we will guide you through the setup.


Software products require time-to-time maintenance. At Cerebrum, we are committed to providing you with the best of the best. We will help you with the maintenance and monitoring part. You can rely on Cerebrum that your software partner is always there to help and support you.

Final Words

Cerebrum Infotech ensures that the onboarding process is simple and easy for our clients. We are available for all your queries and will guide you throughout the whole process. We cover various aspects while onboarding to ease clients and to provide them with the best experience.

Jeevanjot Kaur

Jeevanjot loves to write about new technology and presents a different view on various topics. She helps clients build a clear marketing message to create sales consistently.

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